Saturday, August 31, 2013

Marvel Heroes: Gameplay Teaser

Marvel Heroes: Gameplay Teaser
This teaser was created in Unreal Engine.  The Doctor Doom portions were put together by me and were done all using Unreal Engine and it's Direct X 11 features.  Since we were just capturing this straight to video I was able to really push features like Bokeh Depth of Field, Displacement and Dynamic Lighting.   I was responsible for all of the shaders, lighting, VFX, and Kismet/Matinee construction.  There are some samples of my in-game work during the gameplay portions as well.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Marvel Heroes - Opening Cinematic - Marvel Origins

Principle VFX artist on the CGI portion of Marvel Heroes Opening Cinematic.  VFX created using Maya Fluid Dynamics and Particles.  After Effects used for compositing and enhancing final images

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 Work Hosted Privately

Please contact me if you would like see my 2011 VFX work.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Environment Art Demo Reel 2009

Environment Study Finished

I came back to this and added some last minute polish.

I created a grundge texture that I used to add a little more detail to the surfaces and sell the old dirty look better.

I also remodeled the rebar so that there is actual geo there instead of planes. I think it sells much better now.

And last but not least I completely redid the light rays coming in through the windows, new shader/model.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

High Poly Laptop to in Game Asset

I modeled out this laptop off of a Panisonic Toughbook.
To get the keys and all the groves I thought I would acheive the best results if I modeled it high res and baked the info down into the normal map of the game asset.
I think it turned out pretty successful.
The final asset turned out to be 594 tris.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Zbrush Face Sketch

I spent about an hour sculpting this face from a sphere in Zbrush 3.1
I wanted to emphasise the bone structure of the face so I went with an old man.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Environment Study Painting added

The Second image is the original concept that I based this environment on. (I did not paint this concept, this is a piece I found that inspired me, thank you to the artist who did paint this.)

I added the painting and put it in a frame. (I did paint the landscape however.)

At this point I'm going to hold off on working on environment pieces and add some motion and life the world with some FX work.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Landscape Painting Update

Spent some more time on getting more detail into the foreground.

Also worked on pushing the background back.

Landscape Painting Work In Progress

I'm doing this painting for the paintings on the wall in the scene I'm working on.

It still needs some love but its coming along.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Environment Art Study/ Foliage Fix

I didn't feel that my first attempt at the vines and foliage was very successful.

I repainted the vines and alphas and updated the models.

Only the first 2 colums have gotten the treatment so there will be more to come.

Environemnt Study Update/Dirt and Leaves

As the title says, I have added decal leaves and Static Mesh dirt spots.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Environment Study Update

I was able to get some time to work on this again.

I added the vines, and a subtle light ray coming in from the windows. I also tweaked the post-process a little more.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

America's Army 3.0 Environment Work: Hay Bails/Store Fridge

These are some examples of the Environment work that I did for the game.All were done with Maya, Photoshop, Crazy Bump, and are shots from the game.
In the Hay Bail shots I did the models and textures for both the decrepted and clean ones. I also did the lighting for that map.
The mist you can see inbetween the bails in the last Hay Bail shot was an effect I did for that map. The goal was to make it look like low lying fog, almost like a scary movie in a graveyard.
For the Store Fridge I did the model and textures for the fridge.

America's Army Environment Work: Farm House/Road

These are some examples of the Environment work that I did for the game.All were done with Maya, Photoshop, Crazy Bump, and are shots from the game.
For the road I did all the texture work and decals. I had the pleasure of doing the lighting for this map as well.
The steam coming from the manholes was an effect I did.
For the farm house I did the surface textures the model of the roof and porch that was modeled to BSP walls. I also lit this environment as well.

America's Army 3.0 Environment Work: Pine Tree/Windmill

These are some examples of the Environment work that I did for the game.
All were done with Maya, Photoshop, Crazy Bump, and are shots from the game.
I did the model and texture for the pine tree.
I did the model and texture for the windmill.
I did the lighting for windmill shots.
I also created the grass you see, the circling vultures and the cloud layer you can see in the background.
Just to be clear I didn't paint the sky box but I did create the animated clouds in the mid ground.

Environemt Study

This is a work in progress of an evironment study that I'm doing for my portfolio. I'm doing all the modeling and texture work in Maya and Photoshop. I'm using Unreal Engine 3 as my final output for this.
The top image is a screenshot from Unreal and the bottom is the original concept.
As you can see I still have a ways to go to nail the orginal concept.
I don't know who painted the orginal concept, but kudos to he/she, I think its a great piece.